Past Concerts

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Light Is Returning, 2014 Winter

viva sweet love, 2014 Spring
The Rising of the Women Is the Rising of Us All
, 2014 Spring
Simple Gifts, 2013 Winter

WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?!, 2013 Spring
Calling My Children Home, 2012 Winter

Burst of Song, Corvallis and Portland, 2012 Summer
She Rises, 20th Anniversary, 2012 Spring
Only Light, Only Love, 2011 Winter

Under a Promising Sky, 2011 Spring
Baby, It’s Cold Outside, 2010 Winter

Our Kind of Sound, Sister Singers Network in Chicago, 2010 Summer
To Sing Is To Fly, 2010 Spring
Calling on the Spirits, 2009 Winter

Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History, 2009 Spring
Song for a Winter’s Night, 2008 Winter

Sing to the Universe Who We Are, 2008 Spring
Stars In Your Bones, 2007 Winter

Standing on the Side of Love, 2007 Spring
Solstice!, 2006 Winter

It Takes a Village, 2006 Spring
Peace Like a River, 2005 Winter

The Beauty of Your Dreams, 2005 Spring
Always Coming Home, 2004 Winter

Most Dangerous Women / Love is the Mother of Us All, 2004 Spring
Solstice!, 2003 Winter

Earthchant / Wings to Fly (as guests of the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus), 2003 Spring
Deep Peace, 2002 Winter

Full Circle, 2002 Spring
Nightsongs & Lullabyes, 2001 Winter

Singing for Our Lives, 2001 Spring
Winter Sky, 2000 Winter

Bramble & the Rose, 2000 Spring
Human Family / We Remain Faithful, 1999 Winter

As a Woman, 1999 Spring
In the Winter, 1998 Winter

Heartbeat, 1998 Spring
Winter, Fire, & Snow, 1997 Winter

Circle Me Sisters / We All…Every One Of Us, 1997 Spring
Lift Every Voice, 1996 Winter

Life is a Dance, 1996 Spring
Celebrate the Season, 1995 Winter

Love Will Guide Us, 1995 Spring
Dreamers, 1994 Winter

Rhythms We Harvest From Our Souls, 1994 Spring
The Ancestors’ Breath, 1993 Winter

The Power of Women Assembled, 1993 Spring
Bread & Roses, 1992 Fall

Performance at International Women’s Day, 1992 Spring