Eileen Spencer Fund


Eileen Spencer was an active, dedicated member of Aurora Chorus for almost 15 years. When she passed away seven years ago, the Eileen Spencer Singer Scholarship Fund was created in her honor. The fund offers support to women who would not otherwise be able to sing with Aurora. Singers can request financial assistance for all or part of their singer dues or for fees associated with twice yearly singer retreats.  Aurora Chorus is proud to say that, as a result of this Fund, no woman has been turned away from singing due to inability to pay; in the last three concert terms alone, the Spencer Fund provided financial support to 42 women.

Chorus members mention time and again that one of the reasons they want to sing with this group is because of the community.  The 80-100 women gather together once week for 8-10 weeks each term to rehearse. In addition to giving three major concerts each year, Aurora Chorus members periodically sing as a community service for local events.  When a choir member has a major illness, groups of singers will arrive at her home for a “drive-by” singing to bring her love and support.  Members help provide meals when someone needs assistance.  Members and their families step up throughout the year to host fund-raising events such as musical garden parties and gourmet dinners to help fund expenses not covered by singer dues and concert revenues.

Our donors are a vital part of our singing community, and we extend them our deepest gratitude.  We hope you will, in Eileen Spencer’s honor, help out with a donation sent to Aurora Chorus, PO Box 14505, Portland, OR 97293.